Thursday, 16 December 2010

Trailer For First New Vegas DLC Rolls In

By Mark

'Dead Money' the first installment of DLC planned for Fallout: New Vegas looks to be real action heavy as you find yourself with an explosive collar on your neck and taking orders from a mysterious older gentlemen who wants the treasure. Looks like you can't say no or run away either as the trailer demonstrates in head explodey terms.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Not Ready to Roll (Delayed)

By Mark

Certain games you don't feel that annoyed by when they get delayed. Deus Ex isn't one of them however. Square Enix has pushed back the RPG title to April next year and while that's only a month the reason behind it isn't exactly great:

"With weak sales performance of console game titles that have been newly released during the current fiscal year as well as harsh market feedback regarding a key title, the Group recognizes the reinforcement of development capability in our Digital Entertainment segment as our most critical managerial issue.

We therefore have decided to spend additional time to further polish our upcoming game, DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION, resulting in a shift in release timing from our prior plan of the current fiscal year to next fiscal year."

On the bright side it should mean an extra month of polish on the game and we'd rather have a more refined experience to a bug filled one right?

Source - Kotaku

Motorstorm Apocalypse Gameplay

By Mark

Motorstorm: Apocalypse is coming and it's the third main installment to the franchise and now looking to head in another direction in addition to jungle, dirt, and canyon locations we seem to now have an apocalyptic city to race around in. It's nothing mindblowing granted but it will keep it feeling fresh, here is the trailer to see what you think.

Yakuza 4 Character Trailers

By Mark

We've had one of these before for Akiyama and now there are two more featuring Saejima and the franchise start Kazuma. Remember in the latest title you'll not only be playing as Kazuma but in addition three more. Anyway on with the vids.

New Mortal Kombat Is 'Fan Service'

By Mark

Ed Boon (one of the top guys working on MK) has said during a video interview with 1up that the new Mortal Kombat is essentially that dream MK game diehard fans have been so eagerly awaiting. He states:

"Mortal Kombat's taken a number of turns and we've kind of reinvented ourselves a few times and in the last game was the biggest departure because we were actually a T-Rated game, so this game will really come back and be as 'Mortal Kombat' as anybody ever remembers."

I'm sure we all remember the DC Universe cross over and whether you enjoyed the game or not, you can't honestly say it was a proper Mortal Kombat game as the brutality of the title was held back by the fact that seeing Superman get his face mushed is a bad thing. Regardless! This just further confirms that the new title should blow your mind and make you feel 12 years old again with good ole' hearty violence.

Source - 1up

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nail'd Review

By Mark

With all the adrenaline filled dirty racers centred around ATV’s or otherwise such as ‘PURE’, ‘Motorstorm’ and ‘FUEL’ (there’s loads more honest) it begs the question what exactly Nail’d fetches to the table to make it worthwhile. All the expected features are here in the form of a campaign mode set around tournaments, simple free races, customisation and of course multiplayer. Yet again I must say that all these features are now run of the mill and what one would expect of such a game so there’s not exactly any bonus points won here.

Upon cranking up the ‘campaign’ portion of the game you'll notice that it’s standard fair here, there are multiple tournaments that you must work your way through and unlock to complete the game and you’ll be competing in standard races to ones where you have infinite boost or limitations. It doesn't really extend much beyond what you could come up with and that's a shame, there was definitely room for some really creative modes with the huge jumps it has and the speed involved.

The gameplay is obviously going to make or break the title and it’s a little strange. Nail’d gives the finger to real life and all of its physics in order to do whatever the hell it wants to make you go ‘awesome’ and it works at first but doesn’t have the holding depth. When racing along the ground the handling is ridiculous in the sense that it isn’t there due to it being to ‘perfect’, it’s one of those games where you can pull a 90 degree turn but not lose any speed or have any trouble doing so and to me it sucks away any challenge in the races. When not sliding around the floor you are instead being thrown into over the top crazy heights and drops and the game lets you ‘handle’ mid air for tricks and to brace yourself for a decent enough landing to continue. It may seem like a small amount of gameplay features but that’s really it for Nail’d and it’s a shame, sure you have a boost bar if you drive well but as I say it’s impossible to not drive well as the game is just too easy. It feels like the game is calling out to be put in arcade which is where it actually wants to live.

Aside from a slightly drab tournament based single player component there is of course the online which has a stupidly small amount of holding power. There’s no ‘competitive’ feeling and even when you win you don’t exactly feel satisfied but rather just ‘oh..okay’, the lack of features or twist on the tried and true just doesn’t do enough to make you come back for more and after a few races you’ll be quickly done with the multiplayer on offer here. It may seem like I’ve skimmed over this aspect but really that’s just how little you can expect to find from Nail’d’s online offering.

One thing the game has flowing for it are its looks, while boosting round the courses and flying through the air you want to be able to admire the view on the long drop down and for the most part you can. The vistas are inspired by a certain madness and I find myself often wondering how the hell this track came to be or what world everyone in Nail’d must live in if this is all fine and dandy. Some jumps you’ll hit then find yourself dodging out of the way of blimps and hot air balloons or on one jump you just literally freefall down the side of a mountain range (a seriously high one at that). I have to say though that the game gets confused on these jumps, I found myself ‘crashing’ in strange ways and strange in the sense that I’d just get respawned for no apparent reason. 

All in all the one thing I found myself asking when playing this and consequently finishing it up was why Nail’d has come to exist. Developer ‘Techland’ had previously handled the Call of Juarez games and ‘Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood’ was leagues better than this fairly average ATV racer so why they jumped from western shooter to a relatively harder market is beyond me. Nevertheless diehard fans of this genre should lap it up as you’ll find some enjoyment here and at one point when boosting over a cliff with ‘Re-Education’ by Rise Against blaring it was hard not to feel badass. For the rest of you though you can safely move along there’s nothing to see here.

Gotta' Love It
  • Madness, madness everywhere
  • Sense of speed? Achieved
  • Visual fidelity
Gotta' Hate It
  • Done before? Yep, maybe better too
  • Boring/bland/dull/whatever else a thesaurus can say multiplayer
  • Little variety 

Nail’d - 7

Explodemon Speed Trailer

By Mark

When watching this trailer try not to think too much about how strikingly similar it is to 'Splosion Man', yes the gameplay is centered around platforming and a character that blows up while doing so. Yet this game looks like it may be good enough to hold its own, originality isn't always key its what you do with what you've got.

It looks pretty good to me, what about you?

Mass Effect 3 a 'Single Player Game' - No MP?

By Mark

There's been more than enough rumours recently about Bioware throwing a multiplayer component into the studios huge 'Mass Effect' franchise and whether it would be in the main series or a spin off is unknown. Although over at the Bioware forums an official moderator has stated:

“Now that BioWare has officially announced Mass Effect 3 with their press release yesterday, I’m going back to my age-old thread closer here: Mass Effect 3 is a single-player game. Feel free to dissect the trailer in this thread, I suppose.”

Now it's hard for me to sit here and say that this is 'confirmation' as it's just not really, no discredit to the mod but we need something more solid. Still if what he says is indeed true at least Mass Effect 3 would be focused on bringing us the epic end to Shepard's story. What do you think, do you even want MP?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dreamcast Collection On The Way

By Mark

It's been hinted at for quite a while now but SEGA has finally confirmed that a collection of Dreamcast classics is on the way to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Talking with Game Informer, Alan Pritchard (executive VP of sales and marketing at Sega) states:

"The Dreamcast fans are very devoted. You see on eBay people are still buying the games and system,"

"We actually have a Dreamcast collection coming out soon. We are looking to bring some of the old Dreamcast games to market digitally and packaged."

"The titles are still to be announced. The Ultimate Genesis Collection did huge numbers on PS3 and 360, so it's an important part of our business. We've already been releasing some Dreamcast games digitally; Crazy Taxi [for one]."

I'm sure this is good news for a lot of people, when you think of the Dreamcast there really some awesome titles that will hopefully find their way to a bigger platform by way of these 'collections'. Once the word is out on what titles will feature we'll be sure to let you know.

Source - Game Informer 

Homefront SP Trailer Lands

By Mark

Homefront really is trying to slam its place in memory with its setting and emphasis on strong narrative and multiplayer.

We have here a trailer from the single player aspect that infuses some real Korean marching and gameplay, say what you will about the settings and events around the product but the actual game itself looks pretty good. Whatcha think?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Gameplay In

By Mark

Remember when we told you there'd be gameplay from Uncharted 3 on Jimmy Fallon last night? Well it's here now and Naughty Dog clearly aren't pulling any punches with a hectic opener involving escaping from a burning chateau.

Aside from the game looking incredibly nice and much like the predecessors some changes have occured and the most obvious one is probably the melee combat, it looks a great deal more fluid this time around. Aside from gameplay tweaks you get to see Drake and Sully back together so enjoy!

The Old Republic History Gets Thrown Down

By Mark

Whether you're a Star Wars history buff or not the latest video to trickle out from Bioware for upcoming MMO title 'The Old Republic' is pretty interesting. Here's an extract from the video description:

In the years following the Great Hyperspace War, the Sith exiles on Dromund Kaas faced a daunting future on a harsh world. The guidance of the Emperor and the Sith Lords were critical, but Republic Intelligence has stolen historical records that indicate the resilience and determination of the early Imperial Military were no less crucial to the Empire's reconstruction. Master Gnost-Dural has identified one Imperial Military Leader in particular whose story exemplifies the strength that runs throughout every level of Imperial Society.

It's things like this that really show you the expanse of lore the universe of Star Wars has and it only seems to keep on growing, anyway here's the 'holorecord' narrated by actor Lance Henrikson

X-Men Destiny Trailer

By Mark

I'd heard little about this game until just now really but X-Men Destiny has received a new trailer that pushes home the point that 'Destiny' is indeed key to the game, telling you that your actions will shape the story. Reading around some rumours point to this title being an RPG of sorts and if that's true and the narrative isn't aimed at the younger crowd this could be a great title if executed right.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim To Use All New Engine

By Mark

When I saw this it was hard to not pass out. It has been revealed via Nick Breckon's twitter (community manager at Bethesda) that the newest installment of The Elder Scrolls will use an all new engine developed in house at Bethesda.

The tweet reads: 'We can now confirm that the TES V: Skyrim engine is all-new. And it looks fantastic.'

That means no more Gamebryo which is only positive news for fans everywhere so feel free to let your excitement spill over and out of control. Not that it already wasn't.

Source - Nick Breckon

'Another' Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Trailer

By Mark

It almost feels like this package is either never coming out or with the way its being marketed, the biggest thing ever. Another new trailer has been released for the upcoming Vietnam DLC for Bad Company 2 which is due to land December 18 on the PC and on the 21st for console counterparts.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Roundup of VGA Announcements/Trailers

By Mark

While the VGA's themselves may have been a little dubious in terms of results, the show did come packed with announcements and reveal trailers. I'll state now that this posting will be real video heavy so bear with me, let's keep this brief and informative shall we?

Kicking things off is the announcment of 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim', you've been waiting long enough folks and the good word is here.

Next up was the actual trailer for Batman Arkham City and while no real gameplay is shown (awwh!) it does make you question what's going down for the dark knight.

Easily the announcement of the show for this particular gaming journo, Mass Effect 3. No words need to be said apart from 'holy shit!' and that time can't pass quick enough.

Another exciting trailer came by way of Naughty Dog with 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception' and was one of the videos to actually show us some gameplay.

Moving swiftly on we had Resistance 3 on show and Insomniac Games have turned the gore factor to maximum. Surely welcomed by fans of the series although I can't help but feel the technique used in the trailer that jumps from live action to gameplay worked that well.

The mastermind behind films like Pan's Labyrinth is now doing a video game that will 'question your morality' and most likely make you a little confused if the reveal is anything to go by. Guillermo Del Toro is making a push into video games and I for one am excited.

Not many more now folks and this time it's the Mortal Kombat konfirmation (sorry had to be done!) of Kratos appearing in the PS3 edition of the upcoming fighter.

Our penultimate video here is the reveal of none other than Forza Motorsport 4 and you see what you'd expect really, good looking cars but with the added kinect features we saw at this years E3

And lastly we have the Portal 2 trailer that showed off the games co-op partners and their quirky charm

Quite a show for sure, what's got you stoked?