About Us

Syndicate Games

Hey there, this page is here just to give you the briefest of insights to our minds here at Syndicate Games. We're an incredibly new gaming blog that will encompass reviews, discussions, the latest news and as soon as we can we're looking at incorporating much more original content. 

So who are we, you may ask. Well there's myself (Mark) and my good friend Jonny, the two of us are just honest game loving guys who decided to try and break into the world of gaming journalism. We know it's not as easy as that and this is just our small beginnings so far but hopefully you guys enjoy our take on the news and the way in which we write. We wish there was an easier way for you to get involved with us here as we know it's sort of a hassle, but we do have a facebook page if you want to say anything at all and we'd appreciate it greatly.

We're looking at getting our own domain as soon as possible once we believe we have the support of some people to do so and that means collecting and collating some feedback which has been scarce as of yet but as I said earlier it's early days. 

A few things I'd like to point out about us is that everything you read here will be accurate and straight up. Be it reviews, news or anything along those lines. We don't aim to mix words or throw out dubious information just to rack up views or get exposed, we'd rather put the work in and earn the community support. We look forward to hopefully seeing this place grow and the name Syndicate Games to become a little bigger and we can't do that without people who want us to continue!

Thanks for reading. :)