Monday, 11 April 2011

SSX Dev Diary Explains Tricks

By Mark

The latest developer diary for upcoming SSX title has been released and focuses mainly on the tricks of the game. In the words of the dev's the tricks are going to be 'awesome and easy' in comparison to most trick based games that can be frustrating to play.

In addition to the usual insight from the team, you also get to see some concept art and the game itself in action somewhat, check it out.

Bioware - A Mass Effect MMO 'Makes Sense'

By Mark

Unsurprisingly in this day and age all developers are looking at how to get into the multiplayer scene in a successful way and Bioware are no different. Speaking with Game Informer, the executive producer Casey Hudson has shed some light on the thoughts of the team.

While as of yet, there are no solid ways that they are going to do it, Hudson wants to be clear that multiplayer is definitely a part of Bioware's future plans whether in the Mass Effect series or not:
"We haven't yet come up with a way to do that, so we don't have anything to announce at this time. But, obviously, multiplayer is something we want to do more of in the future as a company."
He states that in regard to fan feedback, an MMO is what is most talked about when it comes to implementing multiplayer into the Mass Effect universe.
"A lot of people say that they want to see an MMO, I think that kind of makes sense for this universe.
"I think Mass Effect has that quality to it. If you get rid of the Reapers and win that, wouldn't it be amazing to just live on the Citadel or just take a ship to Omega? That makes sense."
It's hard to disagree and say that an MMO wouldn't work, but how many of you out there that enjoy the RPGs that Bioware craft actually want them focus some development time on multiplayer too?

3DS Title 'BloodRayne: The Shroud' On Hold

By Mark

Announced last year at E3 but with no word on the game since, it's no surprise that BloodRayne: The Shroud has been put on hold by publisher Majesco. The news came by way of the game's official Facebook page when a fan asked about the title and a rep responded:
"The 3DS title is currently on hold. We'll be sure to share any news when it's available"
So there you have it, don't expect any more news on the game for a while.