Wednesday, 1 June 2011

LA Noire Rockstar Pass Detailed

By Mark

Rockstar has detailed the 'Rockstar Pass' for L.A Noire which is now available and will be bringing a multitude of DLC with it.

It comes as a "a new way to pre-order DLC" and allows players to snag seven pieces of content already (pre-order bonuses etc) as well as some upcoming additions. For a more indepth rundown of what you actually get and how much it is here is the information straight from the Press Release:
All seven pre-order DLC options will be available to purchase from Xbox Live and PSN starting today, with The Badge Pursuit Challenge and the Sharpshooter/ Broderick detective suits to download for $2.00/160 Microsoft Points and $1.00/80 Microsoft Points, respectively. "The Naked City" Vice case and "A Slip of the Tongue" Traffic case are also launching today. Both cases will each be priced at $4.00 (PlayStation Network) / 320 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE).

Two brand new cases, the "Nicholson Electroplating" Arson case (June 21, 2011) and the "Reefer Madness" Vice case (July 12, 2011), will also be available for download later this summer, each priced at $4.00 (PlayStation Network) / 320 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE). Inspired both by famous noir fiction and real-life crimes taken straight from the headlines, these downloadable cases will provide unique experiences for players independent of the game's primary storyline. All of the DLC will be available for purchase through the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass, priced after the limited discount period at $12.00 (PlayStation Network) / 960 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE)-a 40% discount off individual DLC pricing.

  • Chicago Lightning Detective Suit (Social Club only) - May 17;
  • L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass (limited-time discount price) - May 31;
  • "The Naked City" DLC case - May 31;
  • "A Slip of The Tongue" DLC case - May 31;
  • Broderick Detective Suit and Gun - May 31;
  • Sharpshooter Detective Suit and Gun - May 31;
  • The Badge Pursuit Challenge - May 31;
  • Chicago Piano Machine Gun (free community unlock) - May 31;
  • L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass (standard price) - June 14;
  • "Nicholson Electroplating Disaster" DLC case
It seems to be a pretty sweet deal from Rockstar and with the inclusion of free upcoming content it seems like we'll be hanging on to our copies of the title for some time to come. 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - First 10 Minutes

By Mark

It seems the first ten minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has found it's way onto the net albeit with a foreign fellow talking non-stop over it.

The video isn't necessarily ruined by this however as the game has subtitles enabled and the in game audio is low so you can just mute it and enjoy that way. As for the game itself, it's looking rather good and will almost certainly raise your hope for the title when it finally releases in August this year.

You may be confused initially by the intro but.. just bare with it.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Gameplay and Details

By Mark

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is undoubtedly on the radar of a lot of PC gamers out there and with good reason. It's not a great deal but Blizzard have released a short gameplay trailer for the upcoming title as well as revealing some details that you can expect to see upon release.

In an excerpt from PC Gamer, the following was revealed:

  • Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm features Kerrigan as a hero character in nearly all of the missions. She's able to swap between four ability types. The first two shown include a Zerg style corruption form, and a Ghost style Spec Ops form
  • In single-player, you'll be able to upgrade every unit in the Zerg arsenal, eventually splitting each of them into brand new unit types.
  • Examples shown so far include Zerglings that can spawn immediately, or leap at their enemies like raptors, Banelings that split apart or turn their kills into minerals and gas, or Roaches that heal themselves with every kill, or can move when burrowed.
  • There will be new units in multiplayer for all the races, but Blizzard have yet to confirm what they'll be.
  • Kerrigan has a new haircut. 
I'm sure it's that last detail that you were most interested in, as for a release date for Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard have said that it's unlikely to appear in 2011 but fans of the series should know by now that it'll come eventually. For now, here's the gameplay.

Source - PC Gamer Via - CVG

E3 2011: Head Tracking With Forza

By Mark

Let's kick Wednesday's posts off with an Inside Xbox video showcasing Forza Motorsport 4's head tracking Kinect feature.

It's a short affair only clocking in at 1:24 but shows Xbox's Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) playing the game alongside Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt. Forza has been a regular at E3 recently so you can expect to see plenty more during the convention itself.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Western Release for The Last Story?

By Mark

It seems that The Last Story could finally see a western release after all, Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker lead) has supposedly told the French games press that localisation on the Wii title will be done for Europe.

Aside from that nothing else has been reported, no word on a US release although one would expect it to happen as the localisation will have been done. There was also no dates given or any other relevant information so be sure to check in with us to see if anything else unfolds.

Source - GoNintendo

3DS: Square Enix Officially Reveals 'Heroes of Ruin'

By Mark

Heroes of Ruin has officially been revealed by Square Enix for the 3DS, the game will follow "four unlikely heroes brought together to form a fearsome alliance" and is set to feature seamless online play similarly to the companies other recent DS RPGs.

As well as the expected drop-in, drop-out co-op capabilities, it's said that the StreetPass feature of the 3DS will be used to enable a 'Traders Network' that allows players to buy and sell items that they have found in battle. Aside from that, SpotPass and Wi-Fi Hotspots will also be used to obtain unique items and challenges. 

We'll be sure to let you know of a solid release date and more information as and when it comes.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Free Brink DLC Detailed, Patch Released

By Mark

The first piece of DLC for Brink has been detailed by Splash Damage and Bethesda, the free offering is entitled 'Agents of Change' and comes with the usual additions including new maps, weapon attachments, outfits and abilities. Agents of Change will be releasing sometime in June.

The full rundown of additions are:

New Maps
  • Founders' Tower - The revolution finally reaches the island's iconic spire and takes the battle for the Ark to dizzying heights.
  • Labs - Venture into the depths of the Ark's original research and development laboratories, a submerged high-tech facility so far untouched by the civil war.
New Player Abilities
  • UAV - This stealthy and lethal device allows Operatives to automatically mark nearby enemies on their radar. For more explosive fun, they can even take direct control of the UAV and detonate it near unsuspecting foes.
  • Napalm Grenade - Soldiers can use this new grenade to cover an area in a sea of deadly flames.
  • Pyro Mine - Engineers can plant these mines and leave enemies in the epicenter of a massive napalm explosion.
  • Field Regen Unit - Medics can deploy these units to increase the health regeneration of any nearby teammates.
  • Tactical Scanner - This universal ability allows players to reveal the active buffs of their opponents, allowing them to pick off enemies more strategically.
New Weapon Attachments
  • Bayonets - Gain the edge in melee combat and cause extra damage with these deadly blades.
  • Weapon Shields - Take cover from enemy fire and prevent headshot bonus damage behind riot-style shields.
New Character Outfits
  • The Sad Punk - Add a touch of Steampunk to your Resistance character.
  • The Limey - Bring order to the Ark with this outfit inspired by traditional European police.
Aside from this information reveal, Splash Damage has also released the patch that is aimed at fixing game stability and online play. 

Source - CVG

Dead Island Gameplay - A 20 Minute Medley of Zombie Melee

By Mark

Dead Island, currently in development at Call of Juarez studio Techland is undoubtedly one of the more anticipated titles that's on the way and being slated as a first person open ended zombie title why wouldn't it be? To show us what you can expect from the game when playing, a 20 minute video has been released that is solely focused on gameplay.

Aside from the obvious bashing loads of zombies with blunt instruments you get a real look at the vistas that the games tropical island setting has to offer as well a look at how vehicles play in the game among other features.

Dead Island is set to release this autumn and after watching this footage, has it raised or dashed your anticipation?